Using preventative care methods we can help your child to avoid experiencing any dental discomfort. In addition to cleaning their teeth, one of the ways that we do so is with dental sealants. Many children have deep ridges on the biting surface of their teeth. When they bite down and chew food, bacteria, food particles, and plaque can become trapped in those ridges and eventually they will create tooth decay. These areas are particularly difficult to clean with a toothbrush alone, so even the most fastidious of parents may find it challenging to keep cavities at bay. By using dental sealant, a protective layer is placed onto the biting surface of teeth so that nothing can become stuck in these ridges. The procedure is painless and fast since all we need to do is brush a material onto the teeth and allow it to harden. We have found this to be a simple way to prevent our young patients from getting cavities.

How long will sealants last?

Typically sealants should last for several years but we have seen them last well into adulthood. They can chip and deteriorate based on diet and in the presence of habits such as grinding or clenching of teeth. 

I had sealants placed on my teeth so why did I get a cavity?

Sealants may break down and then the surface that was protected can develop a cavity if hygiene is not maintained. Furthermore, sealants will protect only the biting surfaces of teeth. They do not protect the in-between surfaces of teeth that would benefit from flossing. So, it is very possible to have sealants but still develop decay between teeth or on the smooth surfaces sides of teeth. 

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