Sports Guards

Sports Guards

Every athlete understands the value of a sports guard not only for their teeth but also to protect against other injuries. Sports guards work by acting as a shock absorber to protect against concussions and neck injuries. Sports guards also protect front teeth by distributing forces all over the teeth in the event of an injury. Today, sports guards come in a variety of colors and designs and are custom fit to provide the best protection possible.

What is the process to have a sports guard made?

The process is actually quite simple. We take impressions or digital scans of your upper and lower teeth and bite and send it to a laboratory. The laboratory will make custom models of your teeth and make your guard using the highest quality materials. Approximately a week later, you will have your guard ready to wear. We will teach you how to take care of it and clean it, as well. 

Can I wear my night guard as a sports guard?

Although they may look similar, a sports guard is thicker, more flexible for shock absorption and covers the gums as well as the teeth. So, it is not advisable to wear your night guard as a sports guard. 

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